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Printed at 05:08pm 17th August 2022

Buy 35A Bridge Rectifiers

Buy 35A 600V MB356 Bridge Rectifiers in the UK

We are now pleased to be able to offer from the REUK Shop (1) 35 Amp 600 Volt metal clad MB356 bridge rectifiers (2) from just 1.79 each; suitable for wind turbine generator (3) applications. Speedy UK First Class postage and packing is just 95p and you will also receive three free batteries with your order if you spend 8 or more.

MB356 (MB356 35 Amp 600 Volt Bridge Rectifier) 
£1.99 each for 1+
£1.79 each for 5+

If your wind turbine (or water wheel (4)) generates three phase (5) AC electricity you will need three of these rectifiers. It is possible to construct a circuit to convert 3 phase AC to Direct Current (DC) using just 2 of these bridge rectifiers, but it will not be able to cope with as large a current.

Technical Specs
These are KBPC3506 (MB356) metal clad bridge rectifiers with fast on spade terminations and single hole fixing. They are rated up to 600 Volts and up to 35 Amps of current and have a low forward voltage drop.

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