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Printed at 04:38pm 17th August 2022

Solar Shed Lighting Calculator

Work out the specifications for a solar powered shed/garage/outhouse lighting system

In our article Shed and Garage Solar Lighting (1) we looked at how an efficient DIY solar lighting system can be put together using a PV solar panel (2), LED lighting (3), and a battery (4).

Solar powered shed lighting

We receive many enquiries from people wanting to know what size of solar panel and battery they should use for a DIY solar lighting system, so we have put together this unique solar lighting system calculator which should act as an excellent starting point.

Solar Lighting Calculator

This online calculator takes the following inputs:
1) The number of bulbs in the proposed lighting system.
2) The power output of the bulbs to be used (measured in Watts).
3) The battery capacity (measured in Ah) - remember that ideally a deep cycle battery should be used.
4) The peak power output of the solar panel (measured in Watts).

Try out different values for your proposed system and click Calculate.

Number of Bulbs: , Bulb Power Watts
Battery Capacity: Ah, Solar Panel Peak Power Watts

Hours of lighting stored in fully charged battery: Hours.
Time to fully recharge battery from 40% capacity: sunny Hours.
Sunny hours required per hour of lighting Hours.

Assumptions made by Lighting Calculator

This calculator assumes a 13VDC system - i.e. lighting powered by a well-charged 12V lead acid battery. It is also assumed that the solar panel will on average be exposed to 4 hours of good sunshine per day (UK average), and that the battery is never allowed to be discharged below 40% of capacity. For simplicity it is assumed that the system is 100% efficient - i.e. no battery self-discharge, all solar electricity gets into the battery, etc.

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