Automatic Car Windscreen Heater Timer

Pictured below is our timer for an after market car windscreen heater – in this particular example, for a Land Rover.

car windscreen heater prototype connection diagramThe biggest seller of after market heated windscreens in the UK is Ricky Evans Motorsport. (Click here for the relevant heated windscreen wiring diagram.)

The relay output from our programmable timer fits into the wiring in place of the standard on/off switch. The timer can be programmed by the driver to turn on the heated windscreen for from 1-20 minutes after the button (which can be mounted in the dash) is pressed. A panel mountable LED is provided to show when the heater is on.

Automating windscreen heating in this way prevents the heater from being left on unnecessarily long.

The exact button and LED can be substituted with whatever switchgear and indication lighting matches the vehicle in which the system is installed.

If you need one of these car windscreen heater timers, email with details of your exact requirements.

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