Biodiesel Useful Links

Biodiesel Processor

Biodiesel – Forums for biodiesel fuel use in diesel cars, trucks, boats, home heating, and other diesel engine. – A network of UK-based companies making biofuels from renewable materials. Website contains a wealth of useful information for anyone considering powering their car with biodiesel.

BioDiesel Filling Stations – List of places in the UK where you can fill your car with biodiesel.

BioRoute – Specialist suppliers of competitively priced bulk Biodiesel delivered direct.

Vegetable Oil Conversions – Great site to view as an introduction to the use of vegetable oil as a fuel. – Useful article about using Waste Vegetable Oil as a fuel from – Find out how Dave vegged his vehicles, including two VW Jetta’s, a Mercedes, a Ford and more… – Resources for anyone interested in vegetable fuel systems. – A very useful collection of documents on using vegetable oil as a fuel for vehicles.