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Switch mode plug in 12V 500mA power supply

Buy of 12V 500MA POWER SUPPLY.
(1-5: £8.09 each, 5+: £7.89 each)

12V 500MA POWER SUPPLY. Switch mode plug in 12V 500mA power supply

Additional Information

This is a 12VDC output plug-in UK mains powered switch mode power supply rated up to 500mA (6 Watts) and suitable to power our range of REUK controllers.

As all our controllers are fitted with screw-in terminals for the input power connections, we prepare these power supplies with output leads pre-fitted and ends stripped: a red lead for connection to the positive (+ or V+) input, and a black lead for connection to the negative (- or 0V) input.

Many of our controllers use only a very small current and so we have selected these particular high quality switch mode power supplies because a) they are very efficient, and b) they output a reliable 12VDC even with a very small load connected. They also have built in short circuit protection.