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6 Volt 10 Amp rated miniature SPDT relay

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6V 10A RELAY. 6 Volt 10 Amp rated miniature SPDT relay

Additional Information

This is a 6 Volt 10 Amp rated SPDT (single pole double throw) miniature relay enclosed in a clear IP40 dustproof case. These relays have many uses in renewable energy applications in which a low-power low-voltage solar powered device controls a high-power and/or high-voltage appliance.

The relay coil is rated at 6 Volts and has a coil consumption of 500mW. Therefore at 6 Volts a current of less than 100mA will be required to trigger the relay. The relay contacts are rated at 10 Amps at 240 VAC (mains electricity) or 12-24 VDC and so can easily be used to switch on 12 VDC and mains-powered pumps, lighting and much more.

Technical Specifications

The coil operating range is from 70-150% of the rated 6 Volts (4.2-9 Volts) with operate and release times of just 10ms and 7ms respectively. Coil resistance is 55 Ohms.

The relay is 29 x 12.4 x 25mm in size.