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Plug in Mains Power and Energy Monitor

KILL A WATT. Plug in Mains Power and Energy Monitor
(1-5: £19.99 each, 5+: £19.49 each)


Unfortunately we are currently out of stock of this item.
We suggest you buy KILL-A-WATT here instead.
(This is a link to the Ecosaver Plug in Power Meter)

Additional Information

For more information about power meters click here to read our article Buy a UK-compliant kWh Energy Meter, or here to read a Kill-a-Watt Review.

Power and Energy Monitor Features
Measures voltage (V), amps (A), watts (W), volt-amps(VA), hertz (Hz) and power factor (PF)
Great for seeing how much power your appliances are consuming
Large, clear LCD display
Maximum current 15A
Maximum power 3750VA
Recommended Retail Price: £27.00
Usual REUK Price: £21.99
SPECIAL OFFER Price: £19.99

Technical Specifications
Function Range Accuracy
Typical Max
RMS Voltage 180-250V rms 0.2% 1%
RMS Current 0-15.00A rms 0.3% 1%
Active Power 0-3750W 0.5% 2%
Line Frequency 47.0-63.0 Hz 0.1Hz 2%
Power Factor 0.00-1.00 0.01 0.03
Power Consumption 20W max

International Customers

This power meter can be used anywhere in the world with a 220-240 Volt AC mains power supply – for example Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. (In the UK we use a three-pin plug which differs from the plugs used in other countries. A travel adapter must therefore be used to enable the Power Meter to be plugged into your local style mains power sockets.)

Insured Air mail delivery of one Power Meter is currently £4.00 with delivery expected in 7-10 days. If you require a Royal Mail tracking number for the delivery, the delivery cost rises to £7.50.

If you require international delivery of a Power Meter please contact directly to request a PayPal invoice. This can be paid with your local credit or debit card, or from funds in an existing PayPal account, and your Power Meter will be dispatched within 24 hours.