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30 Amp (400A surge) blocking diode for renewable systems

30A SCHOTTKY DIODE. 30 Amp (400A surge) blocking diode for renewable systems
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Additional Information

These 30A Schottky Diodes are perfect for use within a Solar Panel or Wind Turbine based renewable energy system, or with marine applications.

This diode will allow a constant current of up to 30 Amps (and surges of up to 400 Amps) to flow in only one direction. This can therefore be used to prevent the battery bank of a solar system from discharging power at night, and also to prevent a similar discharge with a wind turbine generator in which the battery bank can end up turning the turbine like a motor when there is little or no wind. This blocking diode will help to keep your power where it should be – in your batteries!

Schottky Diode

This is a special kind of diode called a Schottky Diode (General Purpose Schottky Rectifier). In all diodes some voltage is dropped as the current flows through it. This means that energy is lost (wasted) as heat which you would like to use. A standard diode has a voltage drop of around 0.70 Volts – a significant amount when dealing with 12 Volt systems. This Schottky Diode has a voltage drop of just 0.31 Volts typically.

Using the Diode

The diode can simply be connected between the live / positive cable of the renewable energy system and the battery bank. The threaded end of the diode would be clamped to the positive terminal of the battery, and the looped end connected to the live cable with a nut and bolt or some solder.
When large currents are flowing through the diode it can get hot so you may also consider fixing a heat sink to the diode (at the threaded end) to dissipate this heat.

Using these Diodes in Larger Systems

If your system has more than 30 Amps of current flowing through it, more than one of these diodes can be connecting in parallel with 2 diodes suitable for up to 60 Amps of current, 3 diodes 90 Amps, and so on.

Technical Details

These are KYS30 general purpose Schottky rectifiers. Peak reverse voltage is 40 Volts (making them unsuitable for use with a 48 Volt battery bank or larger). Click here to view the KYS30 Datasheet.