Carbon Footprint

Reduction in household, office, transportation and industrial carbon emissions is most beneficial in the battle against climate change and has a greater environmental impact than carbon offsetting. A great way to find out how much electricity each of your appliances uses is with a Power/Energy Meter available from the REUK Shop for just over £20.
After doing whatever is practical to reduce your carbon footprint to a minimum then you can offset the remainder to zero it.

Plant a tree

Carbon Offsetting

There are several ways of offsetting your carbon footprint:

1. You can plant a tree. Trees “breath in” carbon dioxide and “breath out” oxygen. This process is called “carbon sequestration”.

2. You can retire carbon dioxide credits, by buying them and not use them. This stops other people, organisations and countries using them.

3. Invest or donate to companies / organisations, who are researching and developing renewable and sustainable technologies.

4. You can buy energy efficient technologies and donate them to developing countries.

Find out more by visiting whose mission is to educate and inform how we can all make the right lifestyle choices, save on waste and make sure that future generations will inherit a world we can be proud of.

Carbon Calculator from Resurgence. Calculate how much carbon dioxide is emitted as a result of your activities each year. Simply enter the kwh of electricity used, quantities of gas, oil, petrol and so on used, and even details of your flights, train journeys, energy intensive leisure activities and so on. The calculator then automatically works out how many tonnes of Carbon you are responsible for. The national average is 10 tonnes per capita whereas the sustainable limit is just 2 tonnes!