Immersion Heater Time Switch

Many people who have installed solar hot water systems also have one or more immersion heater elements in their hot water storage tank to provide back up water heating during periods of no sunshine. Typically these are fitted with a standard ON/OFF switch, and often a thermostastic override which prevents the water in the tank from getting too hot.

Anyone who has had such a set up will have turned on their immersion heater and forgotten to then switch it off for hours and hours! It results in a big waste of energy (and money), lots of very hot water when you do not want it, and annoyance.

There are 7 day programmable timers available for immersion heaters which can be very useful, particularly if you would like to be able to jump into the shower the second you wake up throughout the year. However for most people a simple solution is suitable – something which enables one button to be pressed to run the immersion heater for a fixed time period after which it will automatically shut off. The Immersion Boost Timeswitches manufactured by Horstmann do exactly that.

Horstmann Electrisaver E15 and E30 Boost Timeswitches

Horstmann Electrisaver E15 immersion boost timer timeswitch

The Horstmann Electrisaver E15 and E30 Boost timeswitches are designed to replace a standard manual immersion element on/off switch. The E15 allows the immersion element to be turned on for 15, 30, or 60 minutes; and the E30 for 30, 60, or 120 minutes. The user simply presses the button once for the first option, twice for the second option, or three times for the third option. Pressing a fourth time, or holding down the button resets the time and turns off the element. A row of LEDs give a visual confirmation of the timing chosen, and also act as a countdown display as the selected time elapses.

The Electrisaver E15 and E30 share the same user manual which can be viewed here: Horstmann Electrisaver Boost Timeswitch User Manual (PDF). Both Electrisaver units are rated to switch up to a 3kW load which is equivalent to the largest immersion element typically fitted in UK homes.

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