Moonlight Night Light Product Review

We often receive emails from people asking for our recommendations of energy efficient night lights – primarily for their child’s bedroom, or to light up a dark corridor or hallway. Unfortunately most night lights are very inefficient (considering the minimal amount of light they produce) and also have bulbs which frequently blow – costing money, and increasing landfill waste.

LED nightlights are sold affordably in Ikea and other stores, but they do not produce sufficient light to illuminate a room at night. Old fashioned incandescent night lights produce plenty of lights, but their bulbs last under a year and use 5-10 Watt power. Therefore we always recommend the Moonlight night light as having the best balance of efficiency (1 Watt), initial cost (£8.99), running costs (<50p per year), and maintenance costs (zero).

Moonlight Night Light

Moonlight Night Light

The Moonlight Night Light pictured above operates by electroluminescence – and is therefore highly efficient, with no bulb to replace. The Moonlight is covered by a full three year guarantee, but electroluminescent night lights from the 1960’s are still working well today! The technology in these night lights was developed by NASA to illuminate the instrument panels in cockpits.

The output light is bright enough to light up a small to medium sized room with a green glow – a lot more green than the blue shown in the earlier image. It takes a day or two to get used to the colour of the light, but after that it stops feeling strange.Energy efficient Night Light - Moonlight

The Moonlight takes under 1 Watt of power, and therefore uses just 4 to 4.5 units (kWh) of electricity per year if used 24hrs per day, 365 days per year. At 12 pence per kWh that corresponds to under 0.15 pence per day!

The Moonlight night light plugs into a standard UK 13 Amp rated socket and sits very flat against the wall where it is unlikely to be knocked or brushed by passing children. As it is very efficient, the Moonlight does not get at all warm in use.

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Packaged Moonlight night light for sale in the UK

The Moonlight Night Light is best priced in the UK at around £6 from Rapid (and cheaper when buying more than 5 units). Click here to buy now: buy Moonlight Night Light.