Sun Jar Solar Powered Light

The Sun Jar is an automatic night light which ‘captures’ the sunlight during the day, and glows during the night. Sealed in a completely watertight frosted Mason Jar is a small photovoltaic solar panel, a rechargeable AA battery, and three warm coloured LED lights. Hidden within the jar are also the electronics which automatically switch the Sun Jar on when it is dark.

Solar powered sun jarSince the Sun Jar is completely waterproof, it can be left outside to charge, and even used as a garden light. It also makes a wonderful night light for a child’s bedroom. It can be left on a windowsill to charge, but for best results it should be left in direct sunlight – either outside, or with the lid of the jar left open at an angle where the most sun possible hits it during the day. To fully charge the Sun Jar takes 5 hours of direct sunlight, and the jar will glow for a similar number of hours from a full charge getting slowly dimmer.

Blue Sun Jar aka Moon Jar

The light from the original Sun Jar is an orange-yellow or a similar colour and brightness of a candle. Also available now is a blue light containing Moon Jar (pictured above).

More Information about Sun Jar

The (very brief) instruction manual for the Sun Jar is available online at the official Suck UK website as a PDF download: Sun Jar Instruction Manual.

Buy a Sun Jar in the UK

buy a Sun Jar in the UK

The original Sun Jar and new Moon Jar are both available for £19.99 from Ethical Superstore. Click here to buy Sun Jar, or here to buy Moon Jar.

Make Your Own Sun Jar

Home made Sun Jars

The original Sun Jar was created by Tobias Wong. Since becoming a commercial product many people have put together their own Sun Jars very cheaply using easy to find components. If you are electronically minded, you can put together your own light/dark sensor circuit. Alternatively you can cannibalise a solar garden light (available in packs of 2 for £5 from many supermarkets).

Click here to view instructions for making a Home-made Sun Jar from the Instructables website.

It is also possible to enhance a commercial Sun Jar replacing the LEDs with brighter lights, increasing the capacity of the rechargeable battery, and/or replacing the solar panel.