SunPower SPR 315 Solar Panels

SunPower Corp are about to start marketing next generation solar panels offering an incredible 22% photovoltaic efficiency, more than double the efficiency of many solar panels available today. Built using 96 their new Gen 2 Solar Cells, these SPR315 panels will enable you to generate much more power than conventional solar panels. Each panel has proprietary all back contact silicon solar technology which means that all reflective metal contacts are moved from the front of the panel (where they block sunlight) to the back of the panel. In addition they have managed to reduce the amount of silicon required from 7.8 grams per Watt down to below 7.5g, and performance is still better than most panels in cloudy and hot weather.

The new SPR-315 solar panels will be available in North America by Spring 2007. Further details and prices will be added shortly.

Sunpower SPR-315 Solar Panels

The price of these new panels in the USA will be around $8000 (over £4000) per kWatt. They are currently being manufactured in a factory in Manila still on schedule for sale in Spring 2007.