Top Solar Photovoltaics Awards 2006

ENF (Energy Focus) a specialist Chinese solar power market analysis company have identified the top photovoltaic brands in the world. 297 directors of PV installation companies from 45 countries around the world submitted responses to an online questionnaire which covered such topics as price and brand preference. ENF then put the results together in order to give awards to the top ranking solar manufacturers in the world.

Of particular interest was that the average price paid in 2006 by the installers was €3.17 / $4.16, far below current UK retail prices.

ENF Brand Survey

Solar Panels

1. SunPower (USA)
2. Schott Solar (Germany)
3. SolarWorld (Germany)

The Best Product Quality award went to Sanyo (Japan), and the Best Value for Money award to Suntech (China).

Solar Inverters

Kaco Solar Inverters

1. Kaco (Germany)
2. OutBack (USA)
3. Mastervolt (USA)

The Best Product Quality award went to OutBack, and the Best Value for Money award to Kaco.

Solar Mounting Systems

1. Direct Power and Water (USA)
2. UniRac (USA)
3. Schüco (Gemany)

The number one Solar Tracker award went to Zomeworks (USA), and the number one Solar PV System Supplier award went to Sharp (Japan).

Further Information

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