Air X Wind Turbine

The Air-X wind turbine generator (approx £300-500 including delivery from USA to UK) from SouthWest Wind Power is the improved version of the Air-403 turbine which sold in vast quantities.

Air-X Wind Turbine Generator

The built in microprocessor enables peak-power tracking of the wind efficiently delivering energy to the batteries. The controller even reduces the blade rotation speed when necessary to eliminate the buzzing noise that was a problem with the Air 403 and 303 models in high winds.

The Air-X has a charge controller which can manage any battery bank size from 25 to 25,000 amp hours. Periodically, battery charging is cut for a few milliseconds to check if the batteries are full. Therefore the lifetime of the batteries will be extended and overcharging is not possible as the turbine will slow to an almost complete stop when the batteries are full.

The Air-X wind turbine is so quiet and simple to use it is practical to fit it to your rooftop greatly reducing costs, but ideally you should fit it to a pole (with an outside diameter of 1.5″). With carbon fibre blades, aircraft quality aluminium alloy castings, and only two moving parts, there is little to go wrong.

The Air-X Wind Turbine Power Curve

Looking at the specifications – the rotor diameter is 1.14 meters (46″), and the whole turbine weighs in at just 6kg (13lbs). Start up is at 7 mph (3 m/s) wind with 400 Watts power output at 28 mph (12.5 m/s).

Buy an Air-X Wind Turbine

The Air-X wind turbine is available best priced on eBay UK , or direct from eBay US. Both land and marine versions are available, and if a wall or roof bracket is required then these are available for around £45, and a wide range of Air-X spare parts are also available at those links.

The Air-X Wind Turbine