Iskrawind AT5 1 5kW Wind Turbine

The AT5-1 is a 5 kW wind turbine generator from Iskrawind Ltd, a Leicestershire-based company. Winner of 2 DTI Smart Awards, AT5-1’s have proven over the last few years to be durable and to provide a high output even at low wind speeds.

Maintenance has been reduced to a minimum through the use of sealed bearing units, however the tower can be tilted down to ground level to permit easy access to the nacelle and turbine blades if and when required.

The AT5-1 has been designed to have an operational life of 20 years. At around that time the turbine generator could be cost effectively refurbished to give it many more years of service, or the majority of the parts could be recycled.

Iskrawind AT5-1 Wind Turbines

Iskra AT5-1 Wind Turbine Technical Details

The Iskra AT5-1 Wind Turbine upwind generator is rated at 5.3 kW at 12 m/s wind speeds (27mph). Cut-in wind speed is 3 m/s (7mph) and the turbine will survive winds of up to 60 m/s (134mph). The 5.4 metre diameter rotor is made up of three reinforced polymer composite blades with passive blade pitching. Electricity is generated by a three-phase gearboxless permanent magnet alternator and rectified into 380 VDC (when turbine is turning at 200rpm).

Iskra AT5-1 Wind Turbine Performance at Different Average Wind Speeds

Above is a graph from Iskrawind showing predicted average daily electricity generation for different annual mean (average) wind speeds. For the installation of an AT5-1 wind turbine to be economical annual average wind speeds in excess of 5 m/s are usually required. You can check the wind speed at your UK location here.

Buying an AT5-1 Wind Turbine

The Iskra AT5-1 is available throughout the UK from appointed distributors:
In England Segen, in Scotland Brumac and HAEL, in Wales Dulas, in Northern Ireland Pipeline Renewable Services and across the whole island of Ireland by Energy Superstore.