Karasouli SCC 50 Wind Turbine Charge Controller

Pictured below is the new (Oct 2012) SCC-50 (Simple Charge Controller 50) – a 50 Amp rated wind turbine charge controller from Karasouli – user configurable for both 12V and 24V battery charging systems connected to wind turbine generators rated at up to 750W @ 12V or 1500W @ 24V.

SCC-50 - Wind turbine charge controller from karasouli - 50A rated

Unlike with many charge controllers it is not necessary to closely match the dump load to the rated power of the wind turbine – instead you just need to find any dump load which is rated in excess of the wind turbine power rating. This Karasouli Simple Charge Controller will then use its delta modulated PWM algorithm to divert just the right amount of current to the dump load to ensure maximum wind turbine efficiency, and battery and wind turbine protection.

The PWM (pulse width modulation) resolution of SCC-50 is 1% – i.e. the amount of power diverted to the dump load is automatically set to 1, 2, 3, 4….98, 99, 100% of the power coming in from the wind turbine AND this percentage is adjusted an incredible 2000 times a second! With this level of accuracy, speed, and control, this Simple Charge Controller will ensure that as much power as possible gets to your batteries without them getting overcharged, and the wind turbine will be well protected in strong winds from running out of control and suffering damage.

Thanks to the speed of the SCC-50, it is possible to connect more than one unit in parallel to give a larger charge controller – for example, if two SCC-20s are connected in parallel, and each is connected to its own >50A rated dump load, you end up with a highly efficient and reliable 100A (3000W @ 24VDC) charge controller for relatively little money. One Karasouli customer in Harrogate for example has five SCC-50’s connected together in parallel with a 200A wind turbine having previously melted his way through a selection of other charge controllers.

More Information and Buy SCC-20

Click here to view the SCC-20 and SCC-50 instruction manual. Together the SCC-20 and SCC-50 make up the Simple Charge Controller range from Karasouli.
For more information and/or to purchase the SCC-50 click here: Karasouli SCC-50. The official Karasouli website is available here.