Wind Turbine Axial Flux Alternators

In our article Wind Turbine Alternator Basics we looked at how electricity is generated in a wind turbine as magnets rotate past fixed coils of copper wire.

The basic concepts behind axial flux alternator design are very simple, and it is well within the capabilities of any DIY enthusiast to put together their own alternator. To find out more we recommend you read the concise (free) guide to axial flux alternator basic principles linked to at the bottom of this article.

Axial Flux alternator design guide

The guide covers neodymium magnets explaining clearly how magnetic fields behave, and how magnetic energy can be concentrated to maximise the electricity generation capability of an alternator.

Axial flux alternator stator - coils of enamelled magnet wire

It then looks at how coils of enamelled magnet wire can be positioned and connected to generate three phase AC electricity. By matching the coils (number, size, number of coils etc) to the magnets (number, size, shape), and matching the finished alternator to the rotor (diameter) a reliable and efficient wind turbine generator can be constructed.

View the Axial Flux Alternator Guide

Axial flux wind turbine alternator mounted to hub

Click here to view Basic Principles of the Homemade Axial Flux Alternator (15 page illustrated PDF document) from the website.