D1 Oils PLC Biodiesel

D1 Oils PLC is a Biodiesel processing company with plantations growing inedible vegetable oil crops, and refineries to convert oil into biodiesel. D1 Oils aim to be the world’s leading biodiesel business.

D1 Oils PLCD1 Oils have chosen Jatropha Curcas as their primary feedstock because of its high oil yields, resiliance, and long productive lifespan. In addition, it will grow in very poor soils generating new top soil and increasing soil fertility.

D1 Oils Modular Biodiesel Refinery

D1 20 Biodiesel Refinery

D1 have developed their own flexible, modular, biodiesel refinery called the D1 20 (pictured above). This unit can product 8 million litres of European standard EN14214 biodiesel per year from a range of vegetable oils including rapeseed and jatropha. That is equivalent to 22,000 litres per day from this 10x4x3.3m container. D1 20 modules can be joined together to scale up capacity. D1 have installed a 32 million litre per year (four of D1 20) biodiesel refinery in Teesside. D1 Oils plan to use their modular refineries in India, the Philippines, and South Africa helping developing countries to refine biodiesel close to the plantations.

D1 Oils have an order for 24,000 tonnes of biodiesel from Petroplus which they are currently filling using their D1 20 refinery and Latin American sourced soya oil.

Jatropha Plantations

D1 Oils have jatropha plantations around the world which will become productive over the next year or two. In Zambia 174,000 hectares have been committed to D1 Oils for planting over the next five years. They also have plantations in South Africa, China, India (option on 5 million hectares), Australia, New Zealand, Burkino Faso (option on 990,000 hectares), Ghana, and in the Asia Pacific region. One full time job is created for every 4 hectares of jatropha planted, so major economic benefits for local poeple are arriving together with the plantations.

To view the D1 Oils website please click here. D1 Oils are listed on the Alternative Index Market AIM in London.