Pelheat Mobile Pelletizer

Pellets are made by compressing biomass – for example wood and waste wood products, straw, and grasses. The pellets created burn cleanly and efficiently and a small volume of burning pellets can produce a large amount of heat as they are a dense store of energy.

Fuel pellets which can be burned in a pellet boiler to generate heat and hot water

Biomass is a carbon neutral fuel since the carbon released when it is burnt is offset 100% by the carbon absorbed when the raw materials were growing.

PelHeat Mobile Pelletizer

While pellets can be purchased from a range of retail outlets, there are many people (particularly those working in forestry and agriculture) who have the necessary biomass raw materials in abundance, and would like to make use of them rather than wasting them. A Pelletizer is a machine into which you put raw biomass such as waste wood chippings, and out of which comes pellet boiler ready pellets.

PelHeat pelletizer - makes fuel pellets from raw biomass

Pictured above is a mobile pelletizer manufactured in the UK by PelHeat. This single-axle trailer mounted unit can be driven dicrectly to the location of the raw biomass to make pellets. It consists of a hammer mill, cyclone separator, hopper, pellet mill, Perkins diesel engine (made in Stafford, UK), and a control panel thereby making it a complete* mobile solution.
* Note that if waste wood is to be turned into pellets it must first be chipped, and any biomass with a moisture content in excess of 15% must first be dried.

PelHeat Mobile Pelletizer

As the PelHeat Mobile Pelletizer can be moved from location to location (easily towed behind a typical car), it is perfect for a shared group purchase – greatly reducing the cost for each member while still meeting the needs of the whole group. This pelletizer makes local energy production and consumption a practical option, and can help reduce energy costs, and wastage.

More Information

For more information about the PelHeat Mobile Pelletizer click here to visit the official PelHeat website.