UK Biodiesel Processor Equipment

The manufacture of Biodiesel is still in its infancy in the UK, but there are already many suppliers of the equipment necessary to Make Biodiesel whether on domestic or industrial scales. This article focusses on suppliers of large scale biodiesel processors of the type suitable for use on farms or for anyone making far more biodiesel than they can use personally. If you are more interested in Under £1,000 Domestic Biodiesel Processors then please click here.

Future Fuels are a UK manufacturer of biodiesel processors with outputs from 150-2000 litres per batch and up to 8000 litres in an 8 hour period.

Future Fuels 150 Biodiesel Processor

Pictured above is smallest of the range – the Future Fuels 150 Biodiesel Processor. Processing up to 150 litres of biodiesel in a 2 hour run this processor has a stainless steel reaction tank and ATEX approved internal heaters. Priced at £3399 this robust processor can process poor quality waste vegetable oil without difficulty and can easily cope with being put to full commercial use.

They also have an excellent overview guide titled How to Make Biodiesel.

Biodiesel Warehouse – stock Biodiesel Processors, heaters, filtering systems and consumables to help you produce a clean green fuel.

Fuel Pod 40 - Fuelmeister Biodiesel Processor

Biodiesel Warehouse sell a Fuelmeister Bio Diesel Processor: the Fuelpod 40. This is a closed system requiring no manual stirring and only 20 minutes of hands on time per run in order to generate its maximum output of around 40 litres of biodiesel. It can cope with heavily used cooking oil and comes with a 2kw oil heater, filtration and titration equipment, safety kit, and maintenance kit. This processor package is priced at £1,170.00. They also sell the Fuelmeister 150 which makes 150-600 litres of biodiesel in 8 hours and is priced at just over £4,000.