Rainwater Toilet Pump Controller with Display and Timer

Pictured below is a rainwater toilet pump controller which is different from those we usually make.

Rainwater toilet pump controller with display to show cumulative minutes that the pump has run.It is designed for a standard system which has two float switches in the header tank (one near the top and one near the bottom) as well as a float switch near the bottom of the water butt to prevent the pump running when there is no water to pump.

This particular controller also has a display which shows the status of the float switches and system status, and also has a built in timer which stores and displays the cumulative duration for which the pump has been running.

Display for rainwater toilet pump controller to show status and cumulative pump run time.With this timing information, and knowing the flow rate of the pump used, it is possible to easily calculate the volume of rainwater which has been supplied to the toilets and therefore how much mains water (and therefore money) has been saved with the system.

If you need any type of rainwater toilet system pump controller email neil@reuk.co.uk with details of your specific requirements.

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