Alkaline Battery Regeneration

Every year in the UK an incredible 30,000 tonnes of single-use batteries are thrown out with the domestic rubbish. Though some are eventually recycled, the vast majority find their way into landfill sites where their nasty component chemicals and metals are buried in the ground.

Many people have tried recharging their flat AA and AAA alkaline batteries in standard battery chargers with varying degrees of success (and against the strong recommendations of battery manufacturers who suggest it is very dangerous). Now, a new battery regenerator has come onto the market which offers to bring dead batteries safely up to an amazing 95% of their original capacity up to 100 times.

Souvenir Cranwell Alkaline Battery Regenerator

Alkaline Battery Regenerator from Souvenir Cranwell

Pictured above is the Souvenir Cranwell Alkaline Battery Regenerator – available for under £15 from a range of stockist. The manufacturers suggest that most alkaline batteries are only used to a fraction of their potential because a crust of impuritites forms on the electrodes within the battery. This scale prevents the efficient operation of the battery.

During a 72 hour cycle, the battery regenerator cleans or conditions the internal electrodes using a tiny 35mA current of 1.8 VDC electricity per battery. Up to four AA or AAA batteries can be regenerated simultaneously. When the process has been completed, an LED indicator goes out and the regenerated alkaline batteries should be ready for reuse.
* An AA or AAA “battery” is really a cell. A “battery” is made up of multiple cells.

Souvenir Cranwell

Souvenir Cranwell

Click here to visit the official Souvenir Cranwell website. Souvenir Cranwell specialise in developing and manufacturing unique technologies and they are based in Lincolnshire. Click here to view their page on Single-Use Battery Regeneration.

Solar powered battery regenerator

Pictured above is the Souvenir Cranwell Solar Battery Regenerator. Solar power is ideally suited to this sort of application – low voltage low current. This regenerator can be left on a window ledge for a few days to regenerate AA, AAA, C, and D sized single-use batteries in an environmentally friendly way.

Rechargeable Batteries

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