Target Controller for Competitive Shooting

Pictured below is a controller we have just made for use in competitive shooting. The competitor has a line of five targets to hit, each of which has a microswitch which closes when the hit target flips over. When each target is hit, an LED lights up, and when all five targets have been hit and all five lights lit, the lights flash on and off five times before the system resets for the next competitor.

Controller for competitive shooting with five targets and five lights which turn on when targets are hit.

We made this as a standalone Arduino project with the ATmega328 microcontroller. This has more than enough IO (input/output) pins to cope with the five inputs (target microswitches) and five outputs (LED lights switched by MOSFETs). The lights are 12VDC powered, so the controller was also made to be powered by 12VDC.

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