Energy Efficient Driving

Whether you drive a petrol-guzzling 4×4 or a super efficient small-engined new diesel car, there are many ways you can reduce the amount of fuel you use, saving money and helping reduce carbon emissions.

Energy efficient driving tips

The following are eight helpful eco-driving hints and tips from the Energy Saving Trust which could save you around £120 per year and reduce your carbon emissions by a quarter of a tonne per year!

1. Change gear before your rev counter hits 2,500 rpm in a petrol car, or 2,000 rpm in a diesel.
2. Slow down. You will use 25% more fuel driving at 85mph than at the national speed limit of 70mph.
3. Drive smoothly driving in higher gears whenever possible – but not so high that the engine labours.
4. Only use air-conditioning when driving at high (60mph+) speeds. At slower speeds it is actually more efficient to drive with the windows rolled down rather than using aircon.
5. Switch off the engine when you are going to be stationery for a while – but now while waiting in traffic.
6. Share your car. For example start a car pool at work or with your children’s friends’ parents.
7. Remove roof racks when they are not in use. The air resistance caused by the roof rack is very large – particularly at speed – and so fuel consumption is elevated.
8. Keep your car regularly serviced and ensure that tyre pressures are kept at the stated level. Driving around on soft tyres greatly increases both fuel consumption and tyre wear.


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