Voltage Measuring Datalogger with micro SD Card

Pictured below is an Arduino-based datalogger we recently made for measuring the voltage output of induced EMF in coils through which a magnet is passing. The voltage output needs to be logged once per second for up to a few hours.

SD card dataloggerThis particular datalogger is 12VDC powered, and will measure and log voltages up to 15VDC. (The induced voltage to be measured in this project has been measured with an oscilloscope not to exceed 5V).

Each time the datalogger is connected to the power source and to the coil to be measured, a new log file is created on the supplied 2GB micro-SD card. An on board reset button can also be used to start a new log file.

On start up or when reset, the SD card is initialised and checked to ensure that it is present and working properly. If it is not, the red LED turns on and stays on to warn the user – there are few things worse than running an experiment only to find that no data was collected. If all is well with the SD card, then once every second the coil voltage is measured and appended to the latest log file.

When the experiments are complete, the SD card can be removed from the datalogger and accessed via a PC for processing and analysis. The generated datalog files are simple text files with each measured data point on a new line in chronological order.

If you need a datalogger,  email details of your exact requirements to neil@reuk.co.uk.

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