New Solar Water Heating Pump Controller with Waterproof Sensors

Pictured below is our new solar water heating pump controller with waterproof sensors. It is heavily based around our standard 2013 Solar Water Heating Pump Controller, but modified to use waterproof DS18B20 digital temperature sensors in place of the LM335 analog temperature sensors we normally use.

Solar water heating pump controller with waterproof temperature sensorsAs it can take up to 0.75 seconds for the controller to get a reading from a DS18B20 sensor, and since sometimes digital sensors output spurious data, there have been some modifications made to the logic which decides when the circulation pump should be turned on and off, but all the original functionality of the 2013 controller has been retained.

This controller is ideally suited for use with swimming pool and hot tub solar water heating systems as well as many other applications where having waterproof temperature sensors is essential.

We will shortly be adding this new product to the REUK Shop, but in the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing this controller or something similar to meet your exact requirements, email

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