Low Voltage Disconnect with Dual Regulated Outputs

Pictured below is a low voltage disconnect circuit with two individually switchable 12V regulated outputs ideally suited for use with voltage sensitive LED spotlights and similar in battery powered systems.

Low voltage disconnect with two regulated outputsThis device is effectively a dual output version of the 12V Regulator with Low Voltage Disconnect which we sell in the REUK Shop. Each output has its own low dropout 12 Volt regulator (LM2940) and can supply up to 1 Amp.

This particular dual unit is most suited to LED lighting scenarios in which there are two strings of bulbs which you need to be able to switch on or off individually – i.e. String 1 on, String 2 on, or both String 1&2 on.

Should the battery voltage fall below 11.9 Volts then the low voltage disconnect will cut the power supply to the outputs until the battery voltage has gone back above 12.5 Volts.

We sell a huge range of low voltage disconnects, 12V regulators, and mixtures of the two, so please contact neil@reuk.co.uk with details of your exact requirements if you cannot find what you need in the REUK Shop.

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