Mains Powered Fan Controller for Art Project

We are often requested to make timers and other electronic controllers for use within art projects and art installations. In general these are sold to people who have no electronics knowledge, and so we have to make them as simple to use as possible with pre-wiring of any mains powered devices etc.

Pictured below is one such timer we recently made designed to control a fan which in turn moves fabric as part of an art installation.

15 seconds on 15 seconds off repeating mains powered fan controllerThis device is designed to run a mains powered fan – 15 seconds ON 15 seconds OFF in a repeating cycle. This fan (a bathroom extractor fan) had already been wired for the artist with a standard plug by an electrician.

So the the electrician was not required further, we pre-wired this controller with a standard plug on the input side and a standard socket on the output side to which the fan could be plugged in. All other wiring is located on the circuit board which is all sealed away in a black box for safety. The whole things is powered by an external 12VDC plug in power supply.

Every 15 seconds the on board relay is opened or closed which in turn either connects or disconnects the power from the socket turning the fan off or on as required.

If you need any type of timer or other controller for an art project, please contact with details of your exact requirements.

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