Poultry House Door Controller with Digital Timer

One of our most popular products is this Dawn Dusk Automatic Hen House Door Controller. This device automatically detects dawn and dusk using a light detector calibrated by the user and runs a motor one way in the morning to open a hen house door, and the other way in the evening to close the door. Roller limit switches act to ensure that the door fully opens and closes without over or under running.

Pictured below is a alternative but similar device which uses a programmable digital timer to set the times of day that the door is to open and close.

Automatic hen house door controller with programmable digital timer and roller limit switchesWhen the timer turns on, the motor runs to open the door until the upper roller switch closes. Then when the timer turns off, the motor runs to close the door until the lower roller switch closes.

The advantage of using a timer is that the door can be set to open later on weekends for example to reduce noise from the birds, and the exact times the door is to be opened and closed can be set independently of the level of daylight (and therefore of the weather). The disadvantage is that the timings have to be changed every few weeks as the seasons change and the days get longer and shorter.

If you need any type of automatic poultry house door controller, please email neil@reuk.co.uk with details of your exact requirements.

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