Rainwater Toilet Flush Pump Controller with Overrun Protection

We make a wide selection of rainwater toilet flush pump controllers for domestic use, and pictured below is another of these.

Rainwater toilet flush pump controllerThis particular controller is designed to be used where there is a very large amount of rainwater storage and a relatively small header tank. In this scenario, if the float switch which detects whether the header tank is full were ever to fail or get jammed with debris etc, 1000’s of litres of stored rainwater could be pumped out through the header tank overflow and lost.

In this controller, the user can programme in a maximum pump running time. If the pump ever runs for longer than that time, it will automatically be turned off, and will not turn on again until there has been manual intervention from the user (checking over everything and resetting the controller).

In standard operation, the controller simply checks the status of the header tank float switch located just below the tank overflow outlet, and shows this status with an LED indicator. Once every four hours, the controller tops up the header tank by turning on the pump and running it until the header tank is detected to to be full.

If you need any kind of pump controller, please contact neil@reuk.co.uk with details of your exact requirements.

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