Photos of PVC Wind Turbine Blades

PVC Wind Turbine Blades are a great alternative to expensive and difficult to make DIY wooden blades. Here are some photographs of PVC wind turbine blades currently used on small wind turbine generators around the world. If you would like to find out more about Making PVC Wind Turbine Blades then click here.

PVC blades work very well with most small to medium sized wind turbine generators whether you are using a Stepper Motor, Sturmey Archer Dynohub for a small experimental wind turbine generator, or a larger Permanent Magnet Alternator or DIY axial flux alternator for a more permanent electricity generating wind turbine.

If you have any photographs of your own PVC wind turbine blades, please email them to us to be added to this selection. Click the REUK link at the bottom of this page for contact details. Thank you to those who have already made submissions of photographs.

PVC Wind Turbine Blade
PVC wind turbine blades made from quartering a PVC pipe
Three bladed design
Three bladed PVC wind turbine
Three PVC Wind Turbine Blades in action
Three bladed PVC wind turbine
Carved PVC wind turbine blades
Hand carved PVC blades for better wind turbine aerodynamics and efficiency
Very large carved PVC blades
Very large carved PVC wind turbine blades
Very simple PVC blade construction
Simplest two blade PVC wind turbine rotor of Jeremy Parsons design
Three blade wind turbine blade design
Three bladed PVC wind turbine rotor with permanent magnet generator