SunSaver 10A Solar Charge Controller

The SunSaver range of Solar charge controllers are the biggest selling small solar controllers for industrial and leisure markets. The SunSaver 10 Amp (SS-10) can be used to manage the current flowing into an out of the battery bank of a PV solar power system of up to 120 Watts power output.

SunSaver Solar Controllers are designed by MorningStar Corporation of the USA and manufactured in Singapore.

SunSaver 10 Amp Solar Charge Controller

SunSaver 10 solar charge controller from morningstar corporation

The SunSaver 10 Amp Solar Charge Controller is a high quality device offering 0 to 100% PWM* (pulse wave modulated battery charging.
Read our article on Solar charge controllers to find out more about the benefits of PWM charging.

This charge controller is fully encapsulated in epoxy putting and features marine-rated copper-nickel plated brass terminals and an anodized aluminium corrosion proof aluminium case. Therefore this 100% solid state device is very robust and well protected from the elements ensuring reliability.

MorningStar have sufficient confidence in the SunSaver-10 to offer a free five-year warranty. (They claim 5-year failure rates of an impressive 1 in 500 for the SunSaver-10!) and a typical operating life of 15 years.

Technical Information

The SunSaver 10 weighs in at around 230g and is just 152 x 55 x 34mm in size. Self-consumption is just 6-10mA.

Dimensions of the SunSaver

The rated solar input and load outputs* are 10 Amps, however the SunSaver-10 can cope with 12.5 Amps (25% current overload) for up to five minutes.
If the user needs an output in excess of 10 Amps then the load can be connected directly to the battery instead.

The user can select between sealed battery (14.1 Volts regulated voltage) and flooded battery (14.4 Volts regulated voltage). In either case, the automatic load disconnect (to prevent batteries being discharged too far) is at 11.5 Volts with reconnection when the battery gets back up to 12.6 Volts (40-50% capacity). There is a two second delay on load disconnection.

The operating temperature is from -40 to 85 degrees Celcius (maximum of 60 degrees ambient temperature), with the regulated voltage and load disconnect voltage temperature compensated (using a built-in temperature sensor) by -0.028 Volts per degree – i.e. when the ambient temperate is -5 degrees Celcius, the regulated voltage for a sealed battery drops from 14.1 Volts to around 13.5 Volts to prevent overcharging.

A pair of LED indicators are provided to display the operating status. A green LED is used to indicate whenever sunlight is available for battery charging. A red LED is used to indicate that the load disconnect (LVD) feature is active.

The connector terminals will accept wire up to AWG #10 (click here for our AWG to square mm converter, or click here to buy 10 AWG cable).

There is no need for a blocking diode to prevent current leakage at night since the SunSaver-10 already protects against this.

Further Information

SunSaver-6 Solar Charge Controller

The SunSaver range includes 6.5, 10, and 20 Amp solar charge controllers rated at 12 Volts and 24 Volts. Click here to view the SunSaver Operator’s Manual (PDF).

Buy a SunSaver-10 in the UK

The SunSaver-10 is available in the REUK Shop together with other high quality solar charge controllers for smaller and larger PV solar systems.