micro:bit Arrives at REUK

After a long wait we have finally got our hands on a micro:bit, the fully programmable pocket-sized computer which will be given free of charge to every year 7 child across the whole of the UK – a total of one million units to be distributed by the BBC in partnership with a wide selection of commercial partners.

BBC micro:bit

BBC micro:bit LED array and buttons

We have many plans for our micro:bit, starting off looking at its power consumption and the practicalities of powering it with a PV solar panel. We will then move on to show how a micro:bit can be used with a range of renewable energy based systems, home automation, and other useful projects.

We will also be publishing (free of charge and in full detail) how a micro:bit (with a few additional external components) can be used to reproduce the functionality of all of the microcontroller and Arduino based products which we currently sell in our REUK Store, including our popular solar water heating pump controllers, battery monitoring devices, programmable timers, and more.

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