Surplus PV Solar Immersion Controller for Solid State Relay

Pictured below is a modified version of our standard Surplus Solar PV Immersion Controller a device designed to use electricity generated by photovoltaic solar panels to power a water heating immersion element rather than exporting the electricity to the grid.

REUK Immersion controller for Solid State Relay (SSR)

This version works identically to the standard unit, the only difference is that instead of having a mains switching relay on the circuit board itself, there is a 12VDC output when then solar generation is above the user-set threshold which can be used to control a solid state relay or other relay in situations where the 16A relay we usually supply would not be up to the job – e.g. for a very large immersion element.

25A solid state relayPictured above for example is a 25A rated SSR (solid state relay). The 12VDC output from our controller connects to the terminals labelled 3 (+) and 4 (-), and then the mains live cable is switched through terminals 1 and 2.

Click to buy Solid State Relays Рprices start from around £3 delivered in the UK, and send an email to if you are interested in this modified version of the immersion controller.

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