GutterMate Rainwater Filter and Diverter

Guttermate is a rainwater filter and diverter product which can be quickly installed enabling the collection and storage of rainwater, and easy removal of leaves and other debris from the downpipe.

Guttermate rainwater diverter and filter

We have previously looked at the benefits of intercepting rainwater as it flows through the downpipe on its way from the gutters to the drain. It can easily be collected in a water butt and used for irrigation of gardens and crops, and also for flushing toilets.

Guttermate is not only a rainwater diverter (see the basic rainwater diverter kit we sell in the REUK Shop), but also offers an easy clean downpipe filter. With such a filter fitted at just 3-5 ft above ground level, it is much easier to prevent debris from building up in the downpipe causing blockages.

Guttermate Rainwater Filter and Diverter

Schematic diagram of the components of a Guttermate rainwater filter and diverter

Guttermate is designed to be fitted to standard 68mm round or 65mm square (using supplied square-to-round adapter) downpipes. A section of the downpipe must be cut out – either a 230mm length for square pipes, or 187mm for round – at just over the height of the maximum level of water in the water butt.

The Guttermate is then fitted to the two free ends of downpipe and fixed to the wall using the provided bracket, screws and wall plugs (a 6mm masonary drill bit is required).

Checking the Guttermate filter for debris

Instead of using mesh or a bell type strainer at the top of the downpipe where it meets the guttering, it is recommended instead to let all debris fall down the downpipe where it collects in the filter. This can be removed, cleaned, and refitted in just 30 seconds, and so it is no longer necessary to go up a ladder to clear blockages.

The Guttermate filter has two positions: THRU which sends all water straight down the drain pipe, and TUB which sends part or all of the water to the water butt.

Guttermate is available in black or white.

More Guttermate Information

Guttermate filter

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For more information on Guttermate click here to visit the official Guttermate website. Click here to view the supplied installation instructions (PDF), or here for a photographic step by step installation guide.

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Guttermate is available in the UK selection of online retailers. Best priced (at time of writing) is Ethical Superstore – click here to buy Guttermate now for £22.95